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Travelling Without Travel Insurance Is Never a Smart Idea

Insurance. We all have it and whether it is life insurance, auto insurance, or homeowner’s insurance, all of it is important. Insurance protects us from the “what ifs” in life and because we never know what will happen, it is always good to have the proper amounts of insurance at all times. After all, accidents are called that for a reason, but when you have insurance, there is less to worry about when those accidents occur because it can help you get over a rough spot and get you back on the road to being yourself once again. Travel insurance is no different because when you are on holiday anything can happen from someone stealing your cash to a flight that is cancelled, both of which are beyond your control. Travel insurance can compensate you for these and many other situations so that you can move forward and enjoy the rest of your holiday, which makes it a very valuable type of insurance to have.

Getting Started the Easy Way

Because travel insurance varies from company to company and even from policy to policy, researching this type of insurance online is quicker and simpler than reviewing tons of paperwork. Online, you can often compare different policies so that you can see side-by-side details of each policy, enabling you to have an easier time deciding which one is right for you. There are also specialised policies available including policies for those with certain medical conditions, people over a certain age, and even travellers who are enjoying particular activities such as skiing, cruising, and golfing. If you purchase a one-time policy, it is good for your entire trip regardless of how long you will be gone, and a multi-trip policy is good for all trips you take within a one-year period. Furthermore, as long as you disclose certain details regarding your medical conditions beforehand, these conditions will be covered during your holiday, so if you have heart problems and they require you to be hospitalised while you’re on your trip, you can rest assured that the hospitalisation costs will be covered.

What Types of Medical Conditions Are Covered?

Since medical conditions must be disclosed on any travel insurance policy, it is good to make a list of your specific conditions before you apply. Most travel insurance policies cover conditions that include asthma, heart conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and AIDS, all types of cancer, epilepsy, stroke, and even illnesses such as lupus. Again, as long as you’ve disclosed the information ahead of time, you will be covered if something happens while you’re away. Companies such as Medical Travel Compared are one of the top rated price comparison sites available these days and their websites go into great detail about specific conditions covered, prices of various policies, and any terms and conditions that apply to each policy. Although most of these policies are simple to understand and straightforward, it is still a good idea to review in detail the “fine print” attached to any policy that you are considering purchasing so there are no surprises later on. Furthermore, even if you are being treated for your medical condition and you feel it no longer affects your daily life, you must still disclose the condition on your application in order for it to be covered while you are on holiday. When in doubt, therefore, list the condition on the form because this is the only way to guarantee that it will be covered on your trip.

Comparing Policies Is Simple and Fast

Travel insurance policies are easy to compare because most of the insurance companies allow you to go online and compare various policies easily and quickly. These companies work with dozens of insurance companies so you are guaranteed to get a policy that covers your specific needs. If you are going skiing, the policy will cover you if you have an accident and need assistance being removed from the mountain side, and if you are going on a cruise, it can cover a missed port departure or any unused excursions. Most policies, even those that don’t cover a specific type of holiday, cover things such as personal belongings that are lost or stolen, any legal expenses incurred, delays in travel, personal accidents or liability, curtailment or cancellation, and, of course, any unexpected medical expenses or repatriation expenses. Once you decide on the policy you want, you can purchase it online and receive a receipt that you can download and print, which means that you’ll get instant confirmation of your policy and be ready for your upcoming trip. In fact, this is the best way to purchase travel insurance because it is fast, easy, and convenient.

Costs Are Reasonable as Well

Just as other types of insurance, travel insurance is usually less expensive than many people expect it to be; in fact, for a one-trip policy for two people, the policies start at under £18, which is extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the peace of mind that they offer. Coverage amounts are large as well because they usually cover up to £10 million in medical expenses and up to £750 for lost baggage or cancellation of the trip. There are excess amounts, of course, but they usually total only around £300 and when you consider what you get in return, it is easy to understand why this type of insurance is such a good idea. Travelling without insurance leaves you open to a certain amount of vulnerability that none of us want when we are on holiday and when you consider that for under £20, you can receive the knowledge that you are covered regardless of what happens while you are away, it almost seems criminal not to purchase this type of insurance. The websites that allow you to compare various policies are a big help because you can read the details of each policy and make sure that you get what you want so that in the end, you receive a policy that covers anything that might happen to you while you are on your next holiday.

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