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How Can an Orthodontist Help You in Treating Dental Problems?

Orthodontics is that area of dentistry, which helps in correcting irregularities on account of jaw alignment and teeth positioning.  An orthodontist can help you in treating your misaligned jaw and teeth.

Misaligned teeth and jaws can lead to problems such as speech defects, oral hygiene and chewing. Getting rid of these issues can help in improving quality of your life. This guide will brief you about some common dental problems that orthodontists can help you in combating.

  • Improper Bite

An improper bite is one of the common orthodontic problems. This includes misaligned and crooked teeth which don’t meet correctly. This condition can occur either due to improper development of teeth and jaws during childhood or due to childhood thumbsucking and an oral injury.

Though there are no as such direct health impacts of improper bite except in rare cases, but it can affect a person’s overall teeth appearance and facial shape. Besides this, it can leaf to feelings of humiliation or embarrassment and can cause lower self confidence.

In several cases, it can lead to cases of depression and anxiety. In case the oral problem is severely affected, it can affect a person’s ability to eat and speak, and to maintain a healthy and clean mouth.

  • Overcrowding

When there is no enough space in a person’s mouth to accommodate his/her all teeth, it’s called as problem of overcrowding. This problem can occur due to law of space in jawbone. This means that when a person’s adult teeth start coming, they don’t get aligned with existing teeth in mouth. This leads to overcrowded mouth and misaligned teeth which can be treated unobtrusively and straightforwardly by an orthodontist.

  • Anteroposterior Deviations

This includes two types of problem that les orthodontistes work regularly viz. an underbite and an overbite. In underbite, the lower teeth of a person become forward positioned as compared to upper teeth whereas in overbite, the upper teeth of a person become forward positioned as compared to lower ones.

 The key problem with the overbite and underbite is that the patient may face difficulty in chewing food. Therefore, consulting an orthodontist and getting the surgery can help in curing the problem.


There are various orthodontists, who can help you in treating misaligned teeth and anteroposterior deviations, just contact 2-3 such orthodontists and enquire them about their specialization and fee structure.


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